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Pinehouse Recreation – Home of the Lakers

According to the Indigenous Medicine Wheel physical activity is essential to individual health and optimism.  Pinehouse Recreation is a longstanding member of Pinehouse; from the “Mighty Metis” days of the 1980’s to the Lakers of the 2000’s sport has always been an important fabric to Pinehouse youth.  A healthy community must have able-bodied individuals with strong minds, healthy hearts and optimistic outlook of the future.  Pinehouse Recreation strives for these ideals.

About Pinehouse Recreation

40 years ago, the Smith boys i.e. Lionel, Peter & Tommy established Pinehouse Recreation.  From a young age these 3 boys(who are now men) knew the value of hard work.  Their father James taught them there is no easy way to building something – you gotta use your hands! This is the philosophy of Pinehouse Recreation.

The Mighty Metis built a strong reputation in northern Saskatchewan as one of the best teams to compete against in hockey and slow pitch.  The spirit of excellence is still championed today in the halls and fields of Pinehouse Recreation.

Recreation is not just about physical activity but also about culture and participation and co-operation.  Recreation builds personal confidence and a sense of team.  From there, ‘team’ transcends into the community at large.

From Minor Hockey to slow pitch to hunting to canoeing to running – it is all related.  The well-being of an individual is the well-being of the family and community.  Through the countless programs and events Pinehouse Recreation is ACTIVE all year round and Pinehouse community members are participants in these health initiatives!


The Recreation Team

The muscles of Pinehouse:

Chris Hansen, Recreation, Sport & Cultural Manager

Billy Natomagan, Minor Sports Co-ordinator

Jadene Misponas, Recreation Programmer

CONTACT Pinehouse Recreation c/o Chris Hansen

+1 (306) 884-7974