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Pinehouse Housing Corp

Local control of housing is a part of being a holistic family and Pinehouse strives to empower its citizens to own their own homes or have adequate housing so they can raise their children in a healthy environment that is not overcrowded.  Pinehouse Housing Corporation is hopefully the key to adequate housing in Pinehouse!

About Pinehouse Housing Corporation

In 2014, the leadership of Pinehouse incorporated an entity in the hopes of empowering local people to own their own homes, and also for having some form of local control over housing policy.  Pinehouse Housing Corporation is now the entity that local residents approach when they need adequate housing.

Through partnerships with the Northern Village of Pinehouse, Kineepik Metis Local, Pinehouse Business North and Saskatchewan Housing, PHC is slowly increasing its housing units in Pinehouse.  As of 2022, PHC owns and operates about 12 units totalling 30 doors!  That means 30 families have adequate housing but PHC is just getting started!

A new subdivision is being landscaped and water & sewer utilities are being constructed in 2022.  Approximately 39 lots are being surveyed and developed.  It is the hope of PHC that not only will we own some of the housing units but local people will be empowered to purchase their own homes through secured mortgages.

Housing is central to individual pride.  Having adequate housing facilitates independence, accountability and responsibility.  Everyone in Pinehouse deserves the chance to step outside their own home and view the world!

Meet the PHC Team

Pinehouse Housing Corporation 

Board:  Mike Natomagan, Conrad Misponas & Betty Ann Durocher


Conrad Misponas, General Manager

Perry Kenke, Project Manager

John Durocher, Electrician 

Maxine Iron, Administration & Accounting

CONTACT PHC c/o Maxine Iron

+1 (306) 884-7844