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Northern Village Of Pinehouse

The Northern Village of Pinehouse is a government authorized municipality as spelled out in the Northern Municipality Act, 2010.  Its main functions are to provide administrative services to the village in terms of property tax collection, water & sewer operations, garbage pickup, street grading, and upkeep of the street lights!  All resolutions, financial reports or bylaws proposals must be approved by the Minister of Government Relations.

About the Northern Village of Pinehouse

In the early 1980’s, the village of Pinehouse(office) was known as the LAC(Local Authorized Council).  Local people would put their names forward to be elected as one(1) Mayor & four(4) Alderman or Alderwoman.  These elected members would serve for 3 years to provide the said administrative services to the Village.  The LAC changed into the Northern Village of Pinehouse in the early 90’s but basically the same limited powers.

In 2005, a new kind of leadership came into power and started to think of alternative ways to start to create an economy and a social system for the growing population of Pinehouse.  A year later, the Village incorporated an economic entity called “Pinehouse Business North” – a municipal economic entity which meant all financial activities were still under the authorization of the Government Relations Minister.

Since 2005, the Northern Village of Pinehouse has streamlined its limited powers in the hopes of serving its electorate to the best that it can!  The economic entity PBN has steadily grown and have contributed some of its profits to the Village coffers in order to subsidize the shortfalls of the yearly operational funding from the Province of Saskatchewan.

The Northern Village of Pinehouse has chosen to continually create collaborations and partnerships with other local organizations.  These collaborations and continued engagements has produced an even higher level of awareness and co-operation in the community.  Local community members still have the mindset that the Village is still the ‘central hub’ of information gathering or service program delivery.

Village Elected Leadership

Mayor & Council

Mayor – Mike Natomagan

Deputy Mayor – Billie Joe Natomagan

Councillor – Hannah Smith

Councillor – Conrad Misponas

Councillor – Betty Ann Durocher

Contact Northern Village of Pinehouse c/o Shana Hansen

+1 (306) 884-2030