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CFNK Radio carries out news casts in the Cree & Michif languages.  Local, regional, provincial, national and international news is broadcasted daily for the Indigenous of Pinehouse via a 50 watt FM transmitter and online via Futuri’s Streaming Service.  Dynamic equivalence is utilized then translating mainstream news events, and the hope is the audience can understand and relate by listening to the news through an Indigenous Sphere!

About CFNK Radio

CFNK Radio has been in existence since around 1986.  Programming started with announcing local meetings, social events, northern music and sending out messages to the traditional user cabins situated around the community of Pinehouse.  This continued for about 30 years with ‘spotty’ programming and intermittent personnel.

In 2014, the Federal government started funding CFNK Radio in the hopes of equipment upgrade, a new studio, consistent staff and predictable and sustained programming.  In 2016, CFNK Radio moved into its current location upstairs at the Mike Natomagan Arena.  The move consisted of entirely new broadcast equipment, new tower, new production and broadcast studio.  With the hands-on approach of the new CFNK Board of Directors, the administration of CFNK Radio stabilized.  This allowed for audited financial statements to be submitted to the funders in order to facilitate subsequent funding years!

Through simple word-of-mouth, CFNK Radio has grown organically in terms of increased listenership year-over-year.  Online audience ranges from the “Cree-homeland” of Canada that stretches from northern Quebec to British Columbia.  In addition, there are quite a number of listeners from the United States as well as across-the-pond.  According to the latest metrics, CFNK online listeners are anywhere from 3,200 to 3,500 every quarter!


CFNK Radio Staff

Vince Natomagan, Communications Manager & Morning Cree Show Host

Clarence ‘Tsi-Boy’ Iron, Senior Radio Announcer & Afternoon Cree Show Host

On his spare time, Clarence also calls NHL play-by-play on APTN TV in the language of Cree

Amy Boyd, Administer & Payroll

Mallory Lariviere, Techical Support & Videographer

CONTACT CFNK Radio c/o Vince Natomagan

+1 (306) 884-2011