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Annual Elders Gathering

The Annual Elders Gathering brings today Indigenous people from all over northern Saskatchewan in the hopes of reconnecting old relations and fostering inter-community relationships.  Elders are at the centre of this cultural & storytelling event.

About the Annual Elders Gathering

Several generations ago, the Indigenous people of northern Saskatchewan used to interact and re-connect with each other via portages or river ways.  The struggle to survive on the land was mutual and it produced a sharing culture.  The fur trade activity produced inter-marriages and a mixing of the various cultures from the various regions.  The Churchill River was a primary route for nomadic travellers and interactions – using canoes and traversing over portages all along the river.

Generally speaking, the community of IIe-a-la-Crosse is the oldest Indigenous community in north-west Saskatchewan.  Quite a few Indigenous families travelled up the Churchill River and settled at Souri River about 30 km north of Pinehouse.  The Beaver River flows into Churchill River and so some additional families had the opportunity to interact.  Pinehouse, Beauval, Canoe Lake, Patuanak, Buffalo Narrows and IIe-a-la-Crosse have a lot of relations in terms of the last names.  On the east-side, it is the same with La Ronge, Stanley Mission, and Grandmothers Bay.  There is genealogical evidence that several Pinehouse families are related to the McKenzie’s.

The Annual Elders Gathering is scheduled for June 19 – 24, 2022.

As per the poster, additional information includes:

Campine sites available for tents

There will be night security

Wood will be provided for the Elders

Some of the canvass tents can be utilized by visiting Elders

Alcohol or drugs are very much discouraged as we aim to promote positive cultural values of caring, sharing and taking care of each other!

Contact Main Co-ordinator Chris Hansen

+1 (306) 884-7974